Flooring Boynton Beach and Lake Worth

New Floor USA has been proudly serving the Boynton Beach, Lake Worth and surrounding areas for decades, taking care of the installation and replacing of all sorts of floors including hardwood, laminate, and vinyl. Whether you need to install new flooring, maintain your existing floor, or replace an older floor, our staff has the knowledge to execute your flooring project–no matter the size.

With so much experience in dealing with flooring in South Florida homes under our belt, New Floor USA guarantees top-tier service to our customers and nothing but the highest-quality flooring materials.

Hardwood Flooring in Boynton Beach and Lake Worth

Hardwood floors are natural, elegant and durable. Sturdy and resistant to all kinds of wear, they are easy to clean and maintain and provide a homely feel that is second to none. New Floor USA offers the very best hardwood flooring in a range of colors and wood types.

Hardwood floors are not easy to put in, but New Floor USA has more than thirty years of experience in installing, finishing and sanding them. We will connect the boards carefully and skillfully to extend their lifetime and make them last. We also use top-quality coatings and wood finishes to protect and preserve it upon installation.

If you are looking to install a new hardwood floor or want to retouch your current floor, our experienced staff is here to help.

Laminate Flooring in Boynton Beach and Lake Worth

Laminate flooring is synthetic tiling that is entirely different from traditional flooring. The tiles look similar to other flooring materials like wood or stone and are laminated by protective plastic coating.

New Floor USA provides many types of laminate designs, which are cheaper than the materials that they take after. We will help you find the right laminate flooring design and help you choose from our selection of styles, colors, and patterns. Our laminate tiles are resistant to everyday wear and tear like staining, chipping and scratching.

Vinyl Flooring in Boynton Beach and Lake Worth

Vinyl flooring consists of synthetic materials and is backed with a soft layer of foam or felt. This makes it very comfortable to walk on and is considered safe for children and pets.

New Floor USA provides high-end vinyl flooring that is cheap to install and requires little maintenance. We have a variety of colors, patterns, and designs which are equipped with an anti-wear layer.  Now your floor will be stain and scratch resistant.

Our seasoned South Florida flooring specialists are ready to assist you with picking out the right combination of features that will best fulfill your visions and needs. Our specialized staff will install your vinyl flooring with the utmost care no matter the condition of your existing flooring.

The Flooring Specialists at New Floor USA Serve Clients in Boynton Beach, Lake Worth and Surrounding Areas!

New Floor USA has more than thirty years of experience working with hardwood, laminate and vinyl flooring. If you need a new floor or your current floor requires repair, you can count on us.

New Floor USA services the following cities and surrounding areas:

  • Boca Raton
  • Pompano Beach
  • Deerfield Beach
  • Delray Beach
  • Boynton Beach
  • Lake Worth

To create the best possible floor design for your home, look no further than New Floor USA to answer all of your questions. We are here to help.

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